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Liquid Democratic Condominium/Community Management Toolkit.


Liquid Democratic Community Management comes to your community.
This software allows you to manage the community life online, discussing issues on a forum and voting on them using liquid democratic solutions.

LiDeCo@GitHub »

Community Network Resource Mapping.

🌻 CoNetRes

The Community Network Resource Mapping software it's a toolkit that provides a big picture of the supply, support, and aid capacity and needs of a community, to support effective and efficient collaboration inside and between communities. »

Róvás értelmező segédlet.

MiNTa: Ró

Researching the conventional patterns (natural, social, behavioral) of regional activities, to develop unambiguous (clear) representation methods, and toolkits to process BigData

Rovás Értelmező Segédlet rovás jelek/képek értelmezéshez és hang-gyakoriság elemző. »


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